On Hardship and Destiny

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For everyone who’s going through something really challenging right now.

It’s ok. He is still good.

Trust Him. Just let go and let Him.

Ask Him. He will answer you in time of trouble.

Run to Him. He will protect you.

Cry out. He will dry your tears.

Fear not. He is with you. His rod and His staff will guide you.

Hold your head high. He loves you, unabashedly and lavishly.

He has a plan for you. He’s got it. 

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Free indeed

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Despite all appearances of looking fit, healthy, wealthy, accomplished, accepted and happy, everyone seeks freedom in their lives. Freedom from their fears, freedom from their past, freedom from their poor opinion of themselves. Freedom from other people’s opinions of them. True freedom is a journey of the narrow path. Usually, because it is difficult through this narrow path, we settle for distractions and quick fixes in the form of overworking, criticising others, self-criticising, materialism, self-fixing, self-harm.

For me, the journey of freedom this season includes combatting the lie that I am not good enough. It took a close burnout, a much needed vacation, a few counselling sessions, spiritual healing exercises and quiet time with God to start the journey of healing, and the discipline of changing my bad habit of overcompensating in my work. The foundation of all these exercises is the revelation that Jesus Christ has set us free indeed. Freedom is not free, that is true, and Christ paid for it in full. True freedom is a journey of the narrow path, because this narrow path is Jesus. Only Jesus has paid for this freedom, and only He can set us free.

Instead of wanting to be free from, now we can be free to. 

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Fresh Start

A new year, a fresh start.

May the new year show you His unfailing love as you entrust your life to Him.

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Merry Christmas!

Wishing you a blessed time and a great moment of remembering HOPE that stepped into darkness, shining a light and leading us into eternal life!

We love you, Jesus! May your name be lifted high.

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